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Lawnmowers, Leafblowers, and Rakes, Oh My!

Foothills 9

November 23, 2008

It’s Fall. And what happens to leaves in Fall? That’s right. They FALL. And when you live in Sonoma County, Fall can be both warm and wet… so grass still grows. And if you have a lawn, you still need to cut it.

I’ve got nice neighbors. We don’t talk much, but we’re square with each other. The other day we arrived home in our driveways at the same time. After hi, he commented “if only leaves were money, huh?” I looked at his lawn: cropped with a sprinkle of dead leaves. I looked over at my lawn: shaggy beneath a carpet of leaves that crawled onto the sidewalk and driveway. I can take a hint. Time to get busy.

Now when my neighbors cut their lawns it looks like an ordeal. They bring out their lawnmowers, their leafblowers, their rakes, their brooms and dustpans, their croppers and their clippers and their kitchen sinks. Half a year later they’ve got a yard to crow about. Does it really take all that work?

When I manicure my front yard I’ve got one tool: a lawnmower. It’s really all you need. The lawnmower has a bag so crap doesn’t go everywhere. Cuts the lawn just fine. Lawn needs edging? You just lower the wheels and edge it. Bushes need a trim? Tilt the mower up and trim them. And the leaves? You just mow them up. It might LOOK a little silly… some clown mowing his driveway and the sidewalk. But it works. Because it’s simple.

Sure, there’s a little bit left over: some crumbles from the leaves; some grass shavings. I could break out the broom and dust pan, but why bother? I’ll just use my leafblower… The Wind.